LinkedIn has accelerated professional relationship development enabling parties to maneuver into business conversations that could otherwise not be initiated. Furthermore, brand awareness on LinkedIn is directly proportional to the extent to you engage and participate. LinkedIn allows you seamlessly guide and manage the perceptions of you, your products, services and the company you represent. Additionally, you can easily establish an identity as a trusted solution provider and thought leader in your industry or market. That said, with over 250+ million members worldwide, how does lead generation on LinkedIn for most professionals?

Relevant Relationship Building

Firstly, lead generation on LinkedIn won’t be an overnight feat. Lead generation on LinkedIn starts with quality, consistency, communication and relevant relationship building. Of course, a great profile that differentiates you and creates favorable impressions is good for potential prospects. But there has to be level of intentionality and pattern with your lead generation on LinkedIn. Secondly, on LinkedIn business is mainly won through credibility and engagement with your online community. Increased exposure ideally draws more relevant traffic to your LinkedIn profile, which in turn drives lead generation on LinkedIn. Let’s delve into tips for lead generation on LinkedIn.

Upgrade your Account

It could sound obvious, but it’s heavily ignored. In retrospect, free is usually expensive in the long run. Above all, an upgraded pro account allows you more access to features which can significantly increase lead generation on LinkedIn. These features can be unlimited access to InMail without restriction and notifications when new Profiles fit your Search criteria. Furthermore, the ability to see all expanded profiles and complete details of who has viewed your Profile. Additionally, the ability to save searches, expanded selection of search filters and selection of results. And so much more.

Keep Authentic

Everyone loves authenticity and originality. Authenticity and integrity allow a human connection allowing you to quickly and flawlessly transition online conversations into the real world. Specifically, prospects gain a greater understanding of your professional value, developing trust. Which in turn prepares them for subtle shifts to a sales dialog. Lead generation on LinkedIn is seamless and sustained with careful and authenticity. thoughtful network management. Furthermore, you can later perform an internal audit of your first-degree connections, search their connections and get an introduction.

Keep Updating

Update relevantly as much as you can but don’t sell on your updates, it’s annoying and can qualify as spam. Whether a link to an article or a video that is relevant to your prospects. This allows you to be displayed on the feed of all the people you are connected. Allows you to stick in their minds longer. Generally, add value and share expertise with them. Additionally, if you can celebrate the accomplishments of others as a status update. Thus, staying on their radar in a positive ‘non-salesy’ way.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials from clients or colleagues shared on your profile can offer social proof of your track record.  They can further showcase your skills and paint a picture of your work success. Consider it an endorsement and online acknowledgment of your area of expertise from others. It also creates the air of accessibility to others, which you can enhance by availing your email and phone number.

Add Video

Accordingly, LinkedIn provides the ability to add videos to both your bio and profile. Usually ignored by many, this can give you the opportunity to gain views on YouTube videos. Furthermore, which you can link to your profile and implement calls-to-action to draw prospects off LinkedIn and into marketing funnels of your website. Additionally, you can add a YouTube video or YouTube link to any product or service.

Promote Webinars

You can use LinkedIn to promote webinars as a source of value addition to your potential prospects. Webinars always offer value addition to most professionals. Furthermore, recommend your best Resources for them to learn something. Additionally, create a regular “Feature” and share it on the same day of every week. For instance, every Monday you can post a Case Study, Tuesdays a Tip, Wednesday just an inspiring photo.  


Keywords are still relevant and will always be until the end of age. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimized for search through the strategic keyword placement. Don’t forget their density in the LinkedIn written content. This propagates lead generation on LinkedIn through internal LinkedIn searches, giving your profile much-needed relevance in your industry.

Monitor Changes

Like most budding systems and social networks, updates keep flowing in. Specially, some of these social sites are upgrading to some key features or new features altogether. Ensure you keep on top of the newest on LinkedIn. Changes additionally, they could be major overhauls or even features are disappearing, so check the LinkedIn blogs or updates. Some updates could enhance your lead generation on LinkedIn campaign.

Group Diversification

Diversify, don’t just join the obvious LinkedIn groups in your industry. Specifically, join other groups outside of your direct circle don’t get comfortable on LinkedIn. If you’re in accounting software sales, join groups for nurses and biomedical engineers. Take yourself as far as groups for industrial software to monitor and start conversations. Furthermore, if you can create a website for your Group or a section on your existing website. This can allow you to post updates, resources, and helpful articles easily. Additionally, reward your Group with special resources for your members like survey results, templates, “how to” lessons.

Sources of Lead Generation on LinkedIn:

If you’re looking for sources of leads consider the following features. Firstly ‘Advanced Search of Individuals’ by person’s name, company, position, keyword, or relationship, or LinkedIn groups. Furthermore, ‘LinkedIn Company Pages’, ‘Who’s Viewed your Profile’ and ‘People you May Know’. Additionally, ‘Message Prompts from LinkedIn’ such as personal congratulations on the new position, birthday, work anniversary. Finally, LinkedIn allows you to download a full excel database of all of your connection’s details and email addresses. Creating so many opportunities for email marketing.