Generally, today in the world every individual is involved in a form of B2B and B2C market directly or indirectly. That consequently causes room for debate on B2B Vs B2C Marketing. Initially, B2B and B2C were popularized by the web for commerce and e-Business sales. B2B in fully is business to business and B2C as […]

Search Engine Optimization has been the pinnacle of multi-channel digital marketing for over 25 years. Potential online customers need to find your business through all internet avenues like social, paid search, offline ads, etc. Nevertheless, organic search is an integral piece of the complex conversion puzzle. Ranking on Google is no longer a walk in […]

Truly local SEO is meant to increase rankings for a website in a limited geographic area. Does your restaurant show up on the first page of search results? Sadly, there 10 spots on the first page of Google, and there are hundreds of food franchises fighting for them. Still, Google automatically shows local results when […]

Pay per click (PPC) is one of the best models combining the relevancy of organic search and immediacy of advertising. In this advertising model, businesses target web visitors with relevant ads when people search for particular phrases. Unlike organic search listings where it can take a long time, lots of creativity to prove authority. PPC […]

 The cost-effectiveness of telemarketing and appointment setting is really dependent on your goals, industry, and intentions. While some get cautious or hesitant, those who close their minds to wider opportunities risk missing out. Done properly, telemarketing will give you better quality market information than any other source. This, in turn, will benefit your appointment setting […]

Small and Medium enterprises typically tend to ignore digital marketing and get comfortable. But the truth is if you want to get noticed in search engines and generate more customers, you have to understand local SEO.  This variation of SEO is closely tied to location-based marketing. Without a local SEO plan, your business will not […]

With an array of options to reach digital customers, it can get confusing for entrepreneurs and business owners. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube have all dramatically increased the chances of reaching your perfect customer. All thanks to data analytics and targeted demographic information. This basically creates an avenue for B2B and ordinary businesses to […]

No matter how one initially finds a lead, whether from a referral, a networking event or simply a cold list. At some point, you must pick up the phone and speak with that prospect. That’s appointment setting 101. If that initial telephone conversation does not go well, you will not move to the next step […]

Influencer marketing is simply a digital marketing technique where you get others to share your story, generate interest, and make your case. The perspective of standing in the shoes of a consumer.Generally it is a way of influencing consumers using like-minded voices, peers and people in their situations. A million dollar industry, influencer Marketing allows […]

Widespread digitalization has changed the traditional business model and evolved many new businesses. Nothing short of what Moore’s law predicted is seen with the eventual emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality. Now the key components in modern experience marketing. Besides, Moore’s law loosely predicted that computing devices would become stronger, smaller and cheaper in […]