Commonly described as targeting potential customers and introducing oneself by telephone, cold calling can still be successful. Modern cold calling is channeled to prospective customers and more targeted. For so many prospects it can become a love-hate relationship. At the same time, many marketers have given up on mastering it despite flexible persistence? As we know anything with the right perseverance and practice can reap rich rewards for your business. So how can you get the most out of this marketing variation? We have taken the liberty of preparing some cold calling tips for you.

Sales Strategy

It’s considered an outbound telemarketing technique which can be used to follow up emails, and set appointments. Furthermore, sell and services or invite people to seminars. Although with cold calling, you’re typically paying sales reps commissions on deals that are actually closed. Additionally, it gives you a chance to be dynamic and improve your selling, an important skill set! Doubling as telephone prospecting it can work on any lead, whether from a referral or networking or social media. Thus if a sales rep doesn’t get the necessary skills to convert a lead into an opportunity, it’s futile!

Cold Calling Tips

Define objectives

Every plan needs a goal and objective, which is why this is the first of our cold calling tips. Realistically, you need to determine an appropriate sales objective. This enables one to go into the call knowing what they want to achieve.  This also helps build your own confidence and the trust of the prospect. It can also be viewed as an opportunity for you to get to know your client. Additionally, identifying their pain points. whether registering for a webinar, or stopping by your booth at a trade show. Goals are key.


Having the right attitude gets more doors open than shut. It shows character as 90% of everything in life is attitude. This is no different for cold calling. Specifically, projecting a positive image through your vocal tones and active listening can portray one’s attitude. Furthermore, building rapport, empathy building, timing, guiding the conversation and state management exhibit attitude.

Focus and target!

Building lists all starts with research. You’ll probably have many unique prospects that can benefit from your product. Thus research, targeting and concentration are key. Consequently, focusing your resources on one key area. This can be a smaller market segment or product category, thus winning that market first. There when you dominate that market, you can later move into larger markets and establish an even larger presence.

Respect your prospects

There is a common saying that ‘respect tastes better than love’. Respect is always imperative since prospecting is a complex and sometimes counterintuitive process. Furthermore, it can be a combination of targeting, skills, process and organization. But on the contrary, can be futile if prospects don’t feel respected and valuable. A sales representative has to fully understand their prospect when cold calling lest can up getting nowhere.

Believe in your service/product

If you don’t trust what you’re selling, no one else will. In retrospect, you’ve to believe your product is worth the money and the time your prospect will spend. Comparatively, why should someone buy your product over anyone else’s, even when it’s pricier? If you don’t believe in the service or value proposition, it will become increasingly unconvincing to the client. Trust me! Remember, good cold call sales people always believe they have the best value, regardless of price.

Flexible Persistence

Persistence is always commendable and shows you know what you’re doing. But when it’s not executed optimally, it can border nagging. Yes, you’ve got to be willing to keep calling people back again but it has to be flexible. A fool does the same thing over again expecting different results. Do adopt a mentality that you won’t quit but respectfully. Eventually, the lead will see your commitment and dedication and become more receptive to your pitch.

Master the pitch

Practice makes perfect, every kindergarten child gets that. Hence, why scripts are valuable and important. Again, a script is easy to develop if you know your goals and objectives. Furthermore, always know the points you want to make and be ready to answer every question. Practice every possibility or case scenario so you’re not caught off guard. Practicing helps you create rapport whether the speed of talking or choice of words.

Always Have a Claim

Always be a problem solver with a claim that’s a hook that sinks so deep in the client. So it literally creates a picture they can’t erase. In all honesty, people need problem solvers. Even if they haven’t considered solving the problem yet. Of course, sometimes people don’t recognize they have a problem until you point it out well. Additionally, if your claim is well thought out, a prospect can’t ignore it and competitors won’t match its value. Always ensure you deeply express how you will solve your prospect’s problem.

Overcoming rejection and Timing

Firstly, timing is one of the key cold calling tips for success which is ignored. Know the best time of day to call your prospect so it reduces your chances of rejection. Furthermore, no one likes rejection though it’s part of the sales process. But ensure you have your own confidence since you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Additionally, when feel disappointment after being rejected, it’s because you have too little going on, hence seek to diversify. Sometimes rejections are indications that your model is broken and you don’t have other business going on.

The Big NOs

As part of our cold calling tips, it’s only honorable for us to mention the NOs. Always avoid direct script reading, some prospect will sense it, it shows lack of professionalism and passion. Talk as much as you listen! Always ask questions and use reflective listening skills. This enables you can connect with your clients and create better rapport and long-term relationships. When considering B2B cold calling, visit a prospect’s article section or Google to help break the ice and establish credibility. Never talk to a B2B client when you’re half-baked.


Ironically, many fortune 500 organizations still believe cold calling is worth implementing into sales strategies. Finally, cold calling can be an extremely productive, profitable and rewarding experience. Though mastering it can take time, it’s worth a shot.