12 Most Useful Google SEO Tools

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12 Most Useful Google SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization has been the pinnacle of multi-channel digital marketing for over 25 years. Potential online customers need to find your business through all internet avenues like social, paid search, offline ads, etc. Nevertheless, organic search is an integral piece of the complex conversion puzzle. Ranking on Google is no longer a walk in the park, with ever-evolving enhancements in artificial intelligence. The Google algorithm based on artificial intelligence is smarter than ever. Generally, it further analyses synonyms, location and, understands entities to see if you’re worthy. Hence, the need to have an arsenal of Google SEO tools.

Google SEO Tools

Since Google is evidently moving toward predictive and personalized search experience, SEO experts need to step up. There several tools and plugins made for the sole purpose of extending SEO capabilities of websites. Some do content management, speed testing, and web crawling while others do keyword specificity and direction. In retrospect, effective SEO begins with finding the right words, phrases, and ideas for targeting.  There can be so many and can get confusing, so it’s best to prioritize and start simple. And Google tools may be the best orientation. Plus they’re more or less FREE!

Google Trends

 We shall start with what I believe should be every SEO enthusiast’s starting point. As the title suggests, the tool gives a global insight into trends, news, shares and search volume. Google Trends simply gives information about keyword popularity. Furthermore, segments the information by time and geography.  Additionally, it shows if a keyword is losing popularity or gaining it. Imperative for effective competitive research! Its data can go back multiple years and is graphically available.

Google AdWords

This is the resident Google keyword suggestion tool, the mother of all Google SEO tools. Consequently, AdWords shows monthly/seasonal traffic patterns, related terms, bid competition, all allowing export of keyword lists. It assists marketers in estimating traffic for keywords and to develop new keywords by a combination of different keywords too. In short, it’s considered the de-facto tool for ascertaining keyword volumes, especially with its inbuilt AdWords Keyword Planner. Though the keyword planner can sometimes feel more PPC focused. Its search console helps you identify crawling issues and broken links, indexed pages indexed, and test your robots.

Google AdWords Traffic Estimator

 This SEO tool is an AdWords subset that estimates the traffic you would receive from AdWords given a specific bid. Additionally, it estimates the bid price necessary to rank #1 on AdWords for most queries

Google Sets 

Another subset of AdWords, Google Sets tool shows groups of related keywords.

Google Alerts

This gives a nostalgic feeling whenever I talk about. In truth, it holds this ‘classic’ tool will forever stay in hears of online marketers. It simply provides regular updates from Google and the latest news on topics of interest.

Google’s Consumer Surveys

With gives, your customers have a free option for measuring site satisfaction. It allows you to get valuable data on how users perceive your site and experience it.

Google Blogseach Backlinks

Google’s Blogsearch tool will show you recent links from blogs to any page on a particular site. It can be useful in backlinking and link building for SEO purposes. Ironically, link building can be considered the most time-consuming part of the SEO journey.

The Google Toolbar

This Google SEO tool is great for highlighting basic keyword proximity and usage. Though, when using it, it may be unwise to install any toolbar distributed by a major search engine. They help track and cross-reference your sites.

Google Analytics

This is basically in the category of what I call ‘competitive analysis’ Google tools. It could be called the number one free analytics software on the web right now. Google analytics helps you analyze content, assess user experience, the success of campaigns and so much more. in other words, you’re not using analytics you might as well quit SEO.

Google Webmaster Tool

 Google Webmaster Tool is another Google SEO tool, which allows web developers to keep up with a webpage’s indexing. Furthermore, it helps them in optimizing it. It unveils a detailed understanding of website visibility. This awesome tool can further be used for insights on traffic patterns, keyword and website speed metrics.

Google Developer PageSpeed Insights

Google Developer PageSpeed Insights helps in quantifying and estimating the performance of a website on mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, it measures the performance of a webpage on a scale of 0 to 100 points. For example, a webpage with more than 85 points is considered to be running smoothly. Google revealed about 7 years ago that site speed had become an indicator and factor their search ranking algorithms. Thus having an effect on your site’s visibility.

Google’s Tag Manager

This is considered a more advanced tool. It simply lets you update many of the most common site tags, all without seeking developer support. The moment the code is installed on the site. Thus a decent array of common marketing tags can be edited. Specifically, without a further code update.


All these tools when used sequentially or in combination give a peek into how Google regards elements of your site. They can be a cheat code to get good results from your SEO campaign. Unfortunately, Google retires and updates so many tools, so keep alert for any updates when you can. The core objective of using this arsenal of tools is to achieve a good conversion rate and optimization.

 So this is a magnificent free way to dip your toes into the ocean water before making an SEO investment. In addition, you could also make use of Google places and its subsidiary tools. This by getting yourself on Google’s Local facilities, Places for Business and Google+ Local. If you have any queries or SEO itches to scratch, do contact us.

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