Top 10 lead sources companies should measure

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Every company needs to find sales. Companies strive on sales. The better the sale, the more the profit a company makes, and the more the company grows overall.

The safest way to make more sales is to find and pursue sale leads. Leads are tips that companies can receive from different marketing channels. Sale leads have been a part of business for as long as business has existed. Sale leads are different for each company, depending on their goal, but here are the top sources that all companies should at least think about considering if they want to make the best sales:

Email marketing

Email is definitely one of the best and most powerful means of communication and finding sale leads for the big corporate. Though email may look like an ancient tool to use for marketing, it still is very effective.
Most customers still regularly check for email, for a variety of purposes. Most of the pamphlets, prospectus and so on can be written formally in a single email that can be sent to a number of clients.

By measuring the email marketing team and checking how advanced and engaging their email campaigns turn out to be on a regular basis, companies can easily find leads and make profits of unimaginable size.

Digital Advertising

By adding advertisements of all types on different websites that tell customers about your organization, you’re making the leads come to you. Digital advertising also helps gauge the effectiveness of your different channels that you are going to rely on, for sale leads.

Digital advertising is getting much and much more popular, and more companies are adopting this effective medium for sale leads.

Websites like T3 Direct Marketing are a very good way to gain easy leads sources.

Normal Media & Social Media Coverage

Asking media to cover your company can become a very good way to advertise and gain sale leads. Everyone uses social media on a regular basis. At least the people who are more relevant to you still do.

By making different ads that can be uploaded on social media websites, or just asking a person from a certain social media website to showcase your company for a temporary time period, you are making lead sources come right at you, without expending much effort. The resources spent on this will depend on the website that you are trying to get your company showcased on.

Door-to-Door marketing

One of the most efficient marketing campaigns, that could get you a lot of potential lead sales, and also a bigger social circle for the company is door-to-door marketing. Though it will take much more time than digital methods for lead sources, it is far more reliable, and more customers are likely to believe your cause.

When more customers believe you, you will eventually build a circle of trusted & loyal customers that will always want to buy from you.

Sponsorship for events

Getting sponsorship for events is a very good way to track leads, and sales. This is because sponsorship’s are available on many different levels. Sponsorship’s are available for events, as well as shows. Shows and events are a very popular and mainstream form of entertainment, and keep people hooked.
The more regularly the people watch a certain sponsor in their favorite show, the more likely they are to move towards that sponsor for their needs.

The resources your company will need for sponsorships in certain events depends on a great many factors, but a general rule of the thumb that more popular is better should always be followed.


No one likes the pyramid scheme, but it definitely is one of the most popular forms of advertisement in the market. But even if it isn’t pyramid scheme, referrals are a very great way for boosting lead sources. By asking your customers to promote your product to their friends and family, you can increase the amount of people you are getting your sales reach to, without investing much resources.

By measuring the number of customers doing the referrals, you can easily find out if referrals are a great way for your company to make sales.


Almost every company out there does some sort of blog-posting so they can get their name out there on Google. This leads to an increase in their organic searches and organic traffic, and ultimately add online presence of that company.

The more the exposure, the more likely for a company to nurture and find new potential sale leads.

By measuring the amount of organic sales that you might get from blog-posting, you can easily find whether blog-posting is the most efficient way for you to make an impression, and find new sale leads.

Building a website

There should be a central hub for your online presence, without a single doubt. Building a website means that you can easily handle all your online interactions, and through the use of certain analytic tools, find out if anyone is interested in interacting with your business.

Building your own website should also help your company accurately measure everything related to blog-posting and social media presence. You may need to invest a great deal of resources, depending on how many features you want to implement on your website.

Marketing through TV or radio

Admirably, there are still quite a lot of people who watch TV, and listen to radio. Sometimes people are too bored to scroll through the internet, and this is where you can make your mark. Because marketing on TV, radio, and billboards are getting less competitive than before, you can easily fit your own motto in, and make good impressions for potential leads.

Guest Posting

Guest posting on bigger blog websites is a great way to make a mark of your website onto bigger websites. Guest posting also allows your website to grow naturally. There are a lot of ways that guest posting would work efficiently, and it is your job to find out what methods work the best.


Whether you are looking to increase sale leads, or just looking to make an impression on potential clients, using these 10 sources should prove to be quite useful in the long run. If you want a complete solution, T3 Direct Marketing is the leads sources website that we rely on.

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