How to rank a website on Google in 2019

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All smart businesses are constantly thinking of making SEO a key part of their digital marketing strategy in 2019. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since earning traffic through search engines has been paramount for over 20 years. Furthermore, with over 2 million searches on Google every minute, organic traffic is the lifeblood of the internet. Consequently, despite the fact that SEO doesn’t bring instant results, it’s still important. So how does one rank a website on Google since SEO is about guiding Google to your site?

Ranking Factors

In retrospect, Google considers over 200+ ranking factors for those intending to rank a website on Google. Specifically, we need to mention that no single SEO factor will guarantee great search engine rankings. For instance, a great HTML keyword title won’t help if a page has poor-quality content. Likewise, numerous Backlinks won’t help if low in quality. To give context, on-the-page search ranking factors are those that are almost entirely within the website owner’s own control. While off-the-page ranking factors are those the owner doesn’t directly control.

Crawling and Site Maps

Crawling is simply how Google bots move around websites. Nowadays Google is pretty smart but still needs guidance. Generally, most sites generally don’t have crawling issues, but some things still cause issues. For instance, JavaScript or CSS at times can hide links and actual words, making the pages with the links hidden. Bad site design can make it difficult for Google to crawl content effectively showing errors. Furthermore, XML sitemaps give Google a map of all the pages you want it to notice. Of course, most CMSs create sitemaps automatically and let you choose which pages to include.

Mobile Friendliness and Speed

User experience is taking center stage nowadays. Thus since most users are using mobile devices it makes sense for Google to prioritize this factor. Mobile unfriendly sites have a harder time ranking.  Google rewards sites that work efficiently on mobile devices phone refer to Google webmaster. To test your site, do try Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test .Additionally, site speed also a key factor when deciding to rank a website on Google. Google spiders estimate speed based on your page’s HTML code.  Furthermore, since its considering mobile firs indexing, you should consider getting a good hosting provider for faster loading. 

 Content and Keywords

Relevant content depends on the sector, target audience and website goals. To be fair, content with more words can cover a wide range and be more preferable in the Google algorithm. Although, there is no one-size-fits-all content solution, Google loves new and fresh content, ask Google Caffeine. Google favors relevant content that matches the real-time pulse of an industry. Additionally, on-page SEO works hand in hand with your content when good keyword research is applied. Furthermore, do create more interesting meta-descriptions and unique descriptive title tags for all your pages.

Local SEO

Indeed, nowadays Google doesn’t stop personalizing at the country level. It tailors results to match a city area based on a user’s location. Furthermore, Google favors websites with a strong social presence. Additionally, Local SEO is typically about promoting your site at the exact moment your targets are looking for your product. Specifically, appearing in search results or map listings when your audience uses a local search term. Google My Business has made it easy as you can now set our category, numbers and add photos. Encourage customers to leave reviews there and on Google Maps.


Websites and blogs that link to your website called Backlinks. Arguably one of the most influential factors when desiring to rank a website on Google. Think of each link as a citation of sorts, as it can show authority and credibility. Many individuals try to fool Google with lousy backlinks or bought Backlinks, but can get penalized. This can be seen with websites that receive a sudden influx of links who get put into the Google Sandbox. The sandbox temporarily limits their search visibility. Additionally, too many broken links can indicate a neglected or abandoned site.

Social Media

Consequently, Google has downplayed the effect social media has on organic. But wisdom dictates that social is an indirect factor when desiring to rank a website on Google. Specifically, social media provides influence and credibility which allows higher organic search ranking over time. Above all, content that gets shared on social media can pick up links or gain engagement. And those are off page factors which are important for SEO ranking success. Furthermore, gaining references from reputable social accounts with a social presence can prove beneficial and important.

Encrypted Websites

Accordingly, HTTPs usage is treated as a positive ranking signal on Google. Though there isn’t much evidence showing encrypted websites outrank non-secure ones. But it’s worth a short to your website a small boost in terms of ranking. Using HTTPS will give you three layers of protection on the internet. That is protection from anyone trying to modify or corrupt your data during transfers. Furthermore, HTTPs protects from any man-in-the-middle attacks. I guess since security is becoming a bigger deal, it provides a case for why Google would consider it.


Finally, other tips involve use of more multimedia on your website to allow for richer content. Secondly, remember you can’t rank for everything on Google its why keyword choices are relevant to content. Furthermore, having a keyword in your domain still acts as a relevancy signal when desiring to rank a website on Google. Is your site an authority or a widely recognized leader in its field, area? Lastly, a quality site produces meaningful interactions with users and Google has a way of measuring this interaction. Hope this helps you start your journey to rank a website on Google in 2019, Cheers.

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