Millennials are majorly individuals born between 1980 and 2000 who are currently college students, single professionals, and young married professionals. Ideally, known as a diverse group of consumers, exhibiting unique media consumption behaviors and brand messaging needs.  Whether relational marketing strategies or experiential marketing strategies, this group of consumers dwells on engagement. Furthermore, inspiration, motivation […]

All smart businesses are constantly thinking of making SEO a key part of their digital marketing strategy in 2019. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since earning traffic through search engines has been paramount for over 20 years. Furthermore, with over 2 million searches on Google every minute, organic traffic is the lifeblood of the […]

Google analytics has maintained popularity amongst many marketers and businesses because of its simplicity and usable advanced features. Its robustness and extensiveness have allowed many website owners discovery of WHYs, WHENs, WHEREs, and HOWs of their users and visitors. Furthermore, analytics serves the purpose of enabling website owners understand and optimize their web pages for […]

In the middle ages the use of the surname indicated a man’s occupation. Furthermore, the Romans practiced advertising relying upon loud voices thus attracting attention and informing consumers of the available services. Similarly, personal magnetism and persuasion were used to attract attention to merchandise, pinpointing the advantages of products.   Of course as markets grew larger […]

Generally, today in the world every individual is involved in a form of B2B and B2C market directly or indirectly. That consequently causes room for debate on B2B Vs B2C Marketing. Initially, B2B and B2C were popularized by the web for commerce and e-Business sales. B2B in fully is business to business and B2C as […]